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6th April 2022

The Economist By Invitation Essay

“Tchaikovsky and Tolstoy, Mussorgsky and Pushkin, Shostakovich and Akhmatova, among countless others, have given us gifts through their immortal creations. Are we to refuse them now solely because of their Russian origins?” Semyon Bychkov was invited by The Economist to contribute to their By Invitation column to write about the...

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11th February 2022

Enigma Program Interview

Last autumn, Russian presenter Irina Nikitina travelled to Berlin where Semyon was conducting to speak to him about his life and career. The interview – as part of TV Kultura’s Enigma Program series – was broadcast in Russia on Thursday 10 February and is available to view via YouTube here. ...

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5th May 2021

Interview with Reportér magazine

Semyon Bychkov spoke with Reportér magazine’s Adéla Dražanová for an in depth interview about his life to date: from growing up in Leningrad and studying at the Glinka Choral School in the 1960’s; emigrating to the USA via Vienna; and how he came to be the Czech Philharmonic’s current Chief...

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20th August 2020

Semyon Bychkov speaks to El País

Semyon Bychkov: “Perfection depends on what you are looking for”
Lockdown has made the conductor addicted to Beethoven and a tour of northern Spain is planned
Jesús Ruiz Mantilla

Only conducting music that he can’t live without.  Lockdown has made him addicted to Beethoven and he is touring northern Spain with the Euskadiko Orkestra and the Third Symphony (Eroica) starting on Saturday in San Sebastián and continuing in Santander. The combination of interpretation and human discussion has the musicians dazzled. Semyon Bychkov (born in St. Petersburg, 67 years old) is one of those rare great conductors whose charisma depends on rigour and exigency with the best possible manners: an example of artistic integrity and fundamental goodness.

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