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27th April 2017

Interview with Tutti Magazine

Tutti-magazine:   You conducted the Vienna Philharmonic in their annual ball at the Musikverein, the day before yesterday.  What did you take away from the experience ?

Semyon Bychkov: It was an extraordinary experience, it is hard to find words to describe it.  The women and the debutantes were dressed in sumptuous ball gowns and the atmosphere made it feel as if one were in the 19th century.  For someone like me who sometimes wishes they’d lived in the 18th or 19th centuries, the evening reminded me of a style approrpriate to a particularly beautiful past.  As I’ve said many times to your colleagues,  I would be very happy if this beautiful and joyful spirit could be shared by as many people as possible and offer an alternative to the vulgarity and violence which occur daily in the world today.

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1st December 2013

Semyon Bychkov on Brahms

Spotlight – Listen – Review ‘The music of Brahms is always intimate, no matter how loudly it’s talking,’ says Semyon Bychkov. ‘For me, this is the great paradox: the monumentality of Brahms is in its intimacy. There is an interesting letter that he wrote in 1886 to his friend, the...

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29th November 2013

Semyon Bychkov on Verdi

Spotlight – Listen –  Reviews ‘Verdi has always been close to my heart,’ says Semyon Bychkov. ‘I grew up in Leningrad, where there are three opera houses, including the least-known one that is part of the Conservatory. All three had La Traviata in their repertoire, and in those years there...

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22nd November 2013

Semyon Bychkov on Wagner

Spotlight – Listen – See in Concert – Reviews ‘Wagner’s operas are the closest music to Buddhism that I know,’ says Semyon Bychkov. He goes on to explain: ‘It is in a permanent state of unfolding. Yes, of course, there is a moment when it starts – but only because...

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