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1st November 2019

International Tchaikovsky Residencies continue

Semyon Bychkov and the Czech Philharmonic’s international Tchaikovsky residencies continue in November with performances in Vienna and Paris. From 18-21 November, they can be heard at the Musikverein and will be joined by Kirill Gerstein, Gautier Capuçon and Renaud Capuçon. Two days later, Bychkov, the Czech Philharmonic and the same...

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1st October 2019

International Tchaikovsky Residencies this autumn

Following a successful Tchaikovsky Project residency back home in Prague, Semyon Bychkov and the Czech Philharmonic this autumn embark on further Tchaikovsky residencies in Tokyo, Vienna and Paris. Forming part of a larger Far East Tour starting on 17 October in Taipei, the Tokyo Tchaikovsky residency concerts take place on...

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15th September 2019

Opera Plus

Anna Šerých

The fluffiness and smoothness of the string sections once again confirmed the famous and exclusive song-like quality of the Czech Philharmonic strings. The well-known piano cantilena and singing melody of the winds, the parts in which mainly the cellos offered warmth and a touch of Viennese waltz as well as the again capturing cadences with a reminder of the opening melody marked the interpretation very vividly. The temperament of the third movement Allegro vivo with the final majestic joined hymn of the piano and the orchestra was from the very beginning full of brisk energy, almost on the verge of feasibility, the whirl and momentum which only excellent players with champion-like determination can create. There was spontaneous exultation from the audience… The musical partnership of the orchestra and conductor produced the best results revealing their full passion for Tchaikovsky’s work.”

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14th September 2019


Věra Drápelová

After the unconvincing opening week of this year’s Dvořák Prague International Music Festival, audiences got the bitter taste out of their mouths with concerts from the Essen Philharmonie and Czech Philharmonic who offered the level of music playing one usually expects from this festival…

 After that, the Czech Philharmonic with its Chief Conductor Semyon Bychkov played their first festival concert. The programme was based on the recently finished recordings of pieces by Tchaikovsky, who actually was a friend of Dvořák’s. The Piano Concerto No. 1 belongs to the list of all-time most notorious classical pieces. Its striking opening even surpasses the borders of classical music. Soloist Kirill Gerstein promotes the original “modest” version of the First Piano Concerto, although the piece was performed here in its full glory – even though not in the way it often is. Bychkov definitely did not give the “fire” command, the orchestra did not launch a cannonade and the soloist did not begin to show off rumbling chords and physical endurance. Instead of a military parade, music was being created, obviously perfect but without opulence, with honesty and musicians listening to each other…

 The Czech Philharmonic and Bychkov gave one of their best joint performances yet [in the Manfred Symphony]. It was full of acoustic beauty, smoothness and spark when all of the instrumental groups literally competed with each other in their qualities, while still forming a perfectly interconnected whole. At the same time, every phrase was intense and deep. Romantism with its pathos can sometimes be viewed as shallow and showy but in this case, it was what it is meant to be – a human emotion.

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