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7th June 2018

With his subtle but clear direction, Bychkov made an excellent case for Taneyev and this concert overture. Stylistically, the music hovers between Brahms, Wagner, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Tchaikovsky. It is repertoire that suits him.

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6th June 2018


Philip Campbell

The Russian maestro, newly appointed Music Director and Chief Conductor of the Czech Philharmonic, made another fine impression with a precisely molded but affectionate interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 2, “Little Russian.” Tchaikovsky works have become a major career highlight for Bychkov with his “Tchaikovsky Project” recording series on Decca with the Czech Philharmonic; as part of his “Beloved Friend” Tchaikovsky festivals in London and New York last year; and as part of his regular repertoire.

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1st June 2018


Joshua Kosman

Bychkov’s visit was a gift, as it so often is — an occasion for thoughtful programming and vigorous, humane execution. The orchestra sounded as forceful and sweet-toned as I’ve heard it, and Bychkov shaped each piece with a canny sense of both its dramatic shape and its instrumental colors.

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27th May 2018


Paul J. Pelkonen

Mr. Bychkov proved an expert guide. With the Philharmonic players giving their utmost effort, he managed to make this massive work cohere around a central, continuous melodic line as if the whole piece played in one breath lasting three-quarters of an hour. From the gloomy figurations of Night through the first, surging expression of the main themes, Mr. Bychkov piled thematic idea on thematic idea, seeming to find room for all of Strauss’ eccentric twists and turns as the orchestra progressed upward.

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