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January 2019

Die Welt

26th January 2019

Helmut Peters

Elbphilharmonie: “Vltava” as a thrilling drama conducted by Semyon Bychkov

On Thursday, Semyon Bychkov was in the Elbphilharmonie to conduct the Resident Orchestra in the first three movements filled with catchy music. With broad orchestral brushstrokes, he literally painted the pictures of the legendary Vyšehrad Castle in the first part, and navigated the sublimely elegiac nature of this movement with great calm. In “Vltava”, the rippling of the second flute began in Andrea Mairhofer’s sovereign breath, before the stream sped faster and more inexorably into folkloristic scenes, ultimately vanishing triumphantly from the ears and the spiritual eyes of the listener.  Bychkov and the Orchestra transformed the third part into a gripping drama without actors or words – the defiance, the rage and the vengeance of the betrayed and wounded Šárka.