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September 2019

Opera Plus

15th September 2019

Anna Šerých

The fluffiness and smoothness of the string sections once again confirmed the famous and exclusive song-like quality of the Czech Philharmonic strings. The well-known piano cantilena and singing melody of the winds, the parts in which mainly the cellos offered warmth and a touch of Viennese waltz as well as the again capturing cadences with a reminder of the opening melody marked the interpretation very vividly. The temperament of the third movement Allegro vivo with the final majestic joined hymn of the piano and the orchestra was from the very beginning full of brisk energy, almost on the verge of feasibility, the whirl and momentum which only excellent players with champion-like determination can create. There was spontaneous exultation from the audience… The musical partnership of the orchestra and conductor produced the best results revealing their full passion for Tchaikovsky’s work.”